Office of Equal Opportunity &
Sexual Harassment / Title IX Compliance

Non-Senate Job Postings

Academic recruitments posted after July 1, 2013 can be found on the UC Recruit page. The Non-Senate Job Posting page will be retired when all active recruitments (created prior to 7/1/2013) are complete.

Job Number Posting Date Dept Code Department Position  Application Deadline
ARTS 1301 11/07/12 Arts Art Lecturer Primary consideration 12/07/12; therafter, open until filled
BLST 1301 11/19/12 BLST Black Studies Dissertation Fellowship Apply by 02/04/13
ERTH 1301 11/14/12 ERTH Earth Research Institute Assistant Specialist Primary consideration 11/14/12; thereafter, open until filled
GEOL POST 04/03/13 GEOL Earth Sciences Postdoc Primary consideration 04/29/13; thereafter, open until filled
WSTD 1305 05/20/13 WSTD Feminist Studies Lecturer Primary consideration date 06/20/13; thereafter, open until filled
ITPH 1301 05/13/13 ITPH Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics Associate Director Apply by 08/15/13
MSII POST 02/06/13 MSII Marine Science Institute Postdoc Primary consideration 04/01/13; thereafter, open until filled
ENMT 1305 03/20/13 ENMT Materials Department Specialist or Project Scientist Primary consideration 04/20/13; thereafter, open until filled
PHYS 1305 03/20/13 PHYS Physics Lecturer Primary consideration 04/20/13; thereafter, open untill filled
PSYC POST 01/09/13 PSYC Psychological and Brain Sciences Postdoc Apply by 03/01/13
SOCL 1201 04/03/12 SOCL Sociology Lecturer Open until filled